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New assorted mineral specimens from the Panasqueira mine, 2017 May


We have posted a new selection of fine minerals coming directly from the world famous Panasqueira mine in Portugal. Although the mine is hardly working for months owing to the low prices of the metals, we picked up again very fine minerals. We present in this new edition a selection on these new finds as well as a couple of high quality pieces coming from a former collection and a few specimens from our inventory, all of them at affordable and reasonable prices. As usual we have published, beside the photos, a video of each piece taken in natural light conditions in order to check out perfectly the features of each sample. The photos have been taken using a source of intense white lights while the videos were taken beneath natural daylight.


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Click on the photos for a much better visualization of the pieces


Showing only the pieces available

Fine minerals for collectors for sale, MChMinerals


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