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New nice minerals coming from around the world


New edition with fine mineral specimens for collectors and dealers. We offer you a selection of good quality minerals at very reasonable prices. New finds, "sleepers" and classic specimens.


Showing only mineral specimens available


NOV14 Bournonite with Pyrite. Viboras Mine, Machacamarca, Cornelio Saavedra, Potosí, Bolivia



Specimen composed by several lustrous crystals of Bournonite with well defined faces and edges. It comes from a recent find in the Viboras mine. The crystals have the classic cogwheel twin and other polysynthetic growths as well, with good metallic luster and gray color. With small crystals of Pyrite. In good condition. Very well formed specimen.


Specimen size: 5cm x 3'5cm x 2 cm


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NOV29 Fluorite with Quartz. Huayllapón Mine, Pasto Bueno, Pallasca, Ancash, Perú.


Green Fluorite,Pasto Bueno,Pallasca,Peru


A green modified cube of Fluorite to 1'2 cm on edge is perched aesthetically on a lustrous and transparent crystal of Quartz to 7'5 cm long. The Quartz crystal has a small chipping on the tip but this doesn't detract the aesthetic and quality of the specimen. The Fluorite has a nice green color and luster. Very nice mineral specimen. Much better in person. Specimens like this one from Pasto Bueno are very rare in the market nowadays.

Specimen size: 7'5cm x 3'5cm x 2cm


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NOV32 Orpiment with Pyrite. Quiruvilca Mine, Santiago de Chuco, La Libertad, Perú.



New find from the Quiruvilca mine. Several highly lustrous crystals of Orpiment up to 1 cm are nestled on a plate of crystallized Pyrite with Calcite. Very nice contrast. The Orpiment crystals show an excellent deep orange color and very high luster. In excellent condition. No damage.

Specimen size: 7cm x 5cm x 1'5cm


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