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2015 September Mineral Edition. Mineral specimens for collectors


New mineral specimens at very reasonable prices. This new update comprises some high quality Emeralds from Colombia, a very fine deep purple Fluorite crystals on Quartz from the Panasquiera mines, a bluish gray Fluorapatite specimen from the same mineral deposit, some new finds from Morocco and more.


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Showing only minerals still available


SEPT13 - Topaz. Gilgit, Gilgit District, Northern Areas, Pakistan.



A Topaz crystal with gemmy quality, very bright and with very good color. Perfect for displaying in any mineral collection. Contact surface on the bottom where it was formerly attached to surrounding matrix. In good condition. Only minor damage is present what reflects on the price, but, in our opinion, it doesn't detract the aesthetic and the quality of this piece.


Specimen size: 4cm x 4cm x 3.5cm

Weight: 97 grams


Price: SOLD

Fine minerals for collectors for sale, MChMinerals


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