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New Collector-Quality Mineral Specimens, 2016 April (second edition)


New update with a nice selection of collector-quality mineral specimens. We highlight the stunning Demantoid garnets coming from the Belqeys Mountains in West Azerbaijan (Iran), the pink Fluorites from the Mont-Blanc massif as well as two high quality Fluorapatite specimens from the Panasqueira mine.


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APRL13- Beryl variety Aquamarine with Muscovite. Xueabaoding, Pingwu, Sichuan, China.



Aerial and well-formed crystal of Beryl variety Aquamarine with the classic tabular form. Gem quality, transparent crystal with a good luster. It is aesthetically perched on a matrix composed by Muscovite. In excellent condition. No damage. Complete all around. Very nice mineral specimen.


Specimen size: 5 cm x 4.5 cm

Crystal size: 3.5 cm x 2.5 cm


Price: Sold

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