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New update with a assorted selection of nice minerals specimens, including as usual a few high quality pieces from the Panasqueira mine, 2016 December


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DECM02 - Vivianite. Huanuni mine, Huanuni, Dalence Province, Oruro, Bolivia.



Gemmy Vivianite crystal from one of the three classic Bolivian Vivianite localities. Very good transparency and luster with a deep emerald green color. Complete all around. No damage.  Watch video.


Specimen size: 3.7 cm x  1.8 cm


Price: SOLD

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DECM15 - Fluorite with Albite. Glacier d'Argentière, Mont-Blanc, Chamonix, Haute-Savoie, Rhone-Alps, France.


Fluorite,Mont Blanc,Chamonix

Fluorite,Mont Blanc,Chamonix


Very nice growth of red-pink Fluorite crystals with well developed octhaedron structures. The crystals are translucent with a very nice color and perched on a matrix composed by white Albite. Also with coatings of Chlorite. The red-pink Fluorites from the Mont-Blanc Massif has been sought after for hundreds of years. This one is a very nice and aesthetic sample from the Alps. In excellent condition. Watch video.


Specimen size: 4.7 cm x 4 cm

Cluster size: 1.7 cm x 2 cm


Price: 220€ Available

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