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New mineral specimens from the Panasqueira mines, 2017 October


New selection of mineral specimens from the world famous Panasqueira mines in Portugal. As usual we have posted beside the photos of each mineral specimen a video for a much better characterization and visualization of the piece.


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Note: Photos taken using white light lamps and videos in conditions of natural light. 


Click on the photos for a much better visualization of the pieces

Fine Mineral specimens for collection, MChMinerals


AC06 - Cassiterite with Arsenopyrite. Panasqueira mines, Aldeia de Sao Francisco de Assis, Covilha, Castelo Branco, Portugal.

Cassiterite with Arsenopyrite
Panasqueira mines


Great Cassiterite specimen from the Panasqueira mines. It consists of a flawless Cassiterite crystal with very well defined faces and edges and glossy color. Some portions of the crystal shows good transparency. On a matrix of Arsenopyrite and Chalcopyrite. Very good Cassiterite. Watch video.


Specimen size: 5 cm x  3.5 cm


Price: 150€ Available

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AC10- Fluorapatite, Ferberite, Cassiterite and Quartz. Panasqueira mines, Aldeia de Sao Francisco de Assis, Covilha, Castelo Branco, Portugal.

Fluorapatite, Ferberite, Cassiterite and Quartz
Panasqueira mines


Stunning combination specimen from the world famous Panasqueira mines. It comprises a fine lilac Fluorapatite crystal with very good transparency. It is settled on a lustrous crystal of Ferberite with Cassiterite and Quartz. The specimen is in very good condition. The upper face of the Fluorapatite has a minor chipping that it does not detract from the quality. The Fluorapatite shows a strong fluorescence with UV. Watch video.


Specimen size: 6 cm x  5 cm


Price: 380€ Available

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